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10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Accent Table to Tie a Room Together

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Interior design has become much more accessible in recent years. There are so many options for where to buy furniture, more places to get inspiration, and so many places to learn about interior design basics.

The rising interest in creating a stylish home drives people to try new styles and creative with DIYs. One focal point of the home that many are remodeling is the living room, a place where the family gathers and entertains guests.

While the sofa and chairs may be the primary concern, you need the right accent table for the look to come together. There are many options, but choosing an accent table shouldn't be overwhelming. Here are 10 tips for finding one that's perfect for your space.

  1. Know The Types of Accent Tables

Many people think accent tables are a singular style of table, but that's not always true. Depending on the design, any table can function as an accent to the room. These are a few of the table types that can serve as an accent piece.

Coffee Table

The coffee table is no stranger to anyone since it's one of the more popular accent tables. These are usually set in the middle of sofas and chairs in a conversation area. They tend to be relatively low and wide and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

End Table

End tables help accentuate your furniture and home decor. As the name suggests, end tables are typically at the side of sofas and chairs, ending the furniture in a bookend-style. Their table tops often hold lamps, flowers, and decorative objects.

Console Table

Not as common as the other two, console tables are long and tall tables, often with a flat back and decorative front. This is so the table can be pushed against the wall or behind a piece of furniture. They're great in the living room as well as the entryway. 

  1. Make Sure It's Functional

When choosing your accent table, you don't want to forget about its function. Ask yourself how much storage do you want the table to have. If you want to store a lot, consider a table with tiers or one that can open up to put items inside.

But if you want to be a home furnishing that's more for displaying plants, books, or decorative objects, you may want to consider something with a sturdy base. Be sure your accent table works for your lifestyle, not just your home decor.

  1. One Size Doesn't Fit All

Size is important because it will affect the way you exist in your room. If you're in an apartment or have a smaller space, an oversized table will make the room less comfortable to live in.

The size of your table should be relative to the scale of the room. Be sure to look at the dimensions and measure the area you'd place the table before purchasing the piece.

  1. Fit Your Style

You want your table to fit in with your design style, of course. But because it's an accent in the room, you can push it a little further. Allow your accent tables to have accents in themselves, like exciting colors, intricate legs, or pops of metal.

You can get very stylized with your accent table, making it a focal point of the room.

  1. Consider Shape

You don't have to stick with a classic round or rectangular shape if you want to add interest to your room. Geometric shapes like octagons and hexagons two big home decor trends right now.

Of course, you don't want the shape you choose to hinder living in the room. But there are options if you want to mix it up.

  1. Height Matters

This may be the dimension you think of last. But it's one of the most important since an awkward height can throw off the room. Side tables should be at or just below the arm of the seat next to it.

A coffee table shouldn't be lower than 1-2 inches below the couch seat. You have more leeway with console tables against the wall. But one against the couch shouldn't be higher than the back of the couch.

  1. The Right Material

Accent tables can be made in a variety of materials, allowing them to fit into every design style. But every material may not work in every design. Of course, it comes down to the style; industrial designs may use metal while rustic designs opt for wood.

But you also want to consider material in terms of your lifestyle. If you're active and rowdy, a glass tabletop may not be for you.

  1. Try to Mix and Match

If you have multiple accent tables, they don't have to match each other perfectly. You can create more interest in the room if you mix and match your accent tables. Mix up with features like shape, color, material, and size.

The key to making them match is by having one aspect in common. For example, all your tables can have a wooden accent or be all black even if they differ in shape and size.

  1. Placement in The Room

Placement is key if you want your room to look put together. You don't want the room to look overcrowded with tables, and you also don't want it to look sparse. Consider the other furniture in the room and whether they can share an accent table.

Two armchairs next to each other can share an end table between them. A sofa can have an end table on either side and a coffee table in front. You can play around with living room layouts to find one that works best for you.

  1. Decorate and Accessorize

Now you've bought your accent table, what next? You can't just place it in the room and leave it alone. Your accent table will need some decor and accessories of its own.

Books, plants, and decorative objects are all a great place to start. This is one area you can show off your personality and cement the style of the room. Make the tablescape enjoyable with different materials, textures, and heights.

A Show-Stopping Living Room

An accent table by itself won't make the living room. But instead, an accent table will enhance the design and pull the look of the room together. And that's because an accent table is an ideal place to show off a rooms' style.

It's a decor piece you can get a little playful with and have fun with when putting the room together. There's no one perfect accent table that always works for everyone. But everyone can find an accent table that's perfect for their space.

Looking for the ideal accent table to finish your space? We'll help you find the perfect piece for your home.

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