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5 Remarkable Coffee Tables for Your Living Room

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In the modern age, a coffee table is not just to hold your mug anymore as you watch TV. Instead, it is becoming more of a style statement these days; aesthetic people match their coffee tables with their house’s interior design so that they will make their living room look even more beautiful. Living room accent tables are rapidly becoming an accessory that everyone chooses of their own taste which would be suitable for their homes, it is spreading as a trend with the passage of time.

Therefore, one can say that people now have such elegant coffee tables that there is no longer a need to hang any kind of art to make their living rooms look complete. To discuss and educate our readers further about some amazing coffee tables, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “5 Remarkable Coffee Tables for Your Living Room.”

Rogue Coffee Table 1. Rogue Coffee Table ($349): It is a simple table but its artistic design and unique color provides a remarkable perspective on the rest of the room. It would suit a well-decorated living room or even a mundane looking study room.
Car Engine Metal Coffee Table with Glass Top 2. Car Engine Metal Coffee Table with Glass Top ($1,200): If you are really into cars then this is the coffee table for you. It is basically a real car engine turned into a table, which would decorate your living room while showing your love for cars.
Dutch Industrial Coffee Table 3. Dutch Industrial Coffee Table ($1,395): It is a wooden double decker table with wheels, which would give an archaic look to any room you put this in. Considered to be a great piece of art, consumers can have this table at a very fair price.
Nintendo Controller Coffee Table Maple / Walnut 4. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table Maple / Walnut ($8,000): This one is for the retro gamers. It is an actual Nintendo NES controller that can be bought as functional or nonfunctional. The nonfunctional one costs less, about $3,500. While the functional one costs around $6,000 to $8,000. If you have the functional table then all you need to do is just remove the glass and play games with it.
No. 0178.4 5. No. 0178.4 ($11,195): This is a glass table with wood perfectly covering over it, brilliantly describing what art really is. The table looks as if the wood has melted over it like candle wax and has covered some part of it while being completely attached to the glass. The property of this coffee table is what makes it so unique.


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