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7 Interior Design Trends Every Woman Should Know

Interior design

Are you getting bored with the way the inside of your home looks? Are you looking to give your home a new twist? Do you want to keep up with the newest trends in interior design?

Redecorating your home is a great task to take on today. It’s one of the top quarantine to-dos, especially for people who had no time to do it before. While you still have the opportunity to do it, take it, and follow the latest interior design trends.

Below is a quick list of the top seven trends in home design for you. Keep reading to learn more about the newest interior styles and fads for the year.

1. Interior Design Trends: Bright Colors

It’s always nice to have a pop of color in your bedroom, main room, or apartment room. Whether it’s your vanity, your bed, or your bedroom door, the trend now is to get your furniture painted. It’s a fun way to use the space, especially during these dreary times.

This trend is easy to follow as well. You can paint your vanity at home and treat it as a project to help get your creative juices going. You can do a simple coat onto your old vanity or cabinet as well.

Consider colors like pink, teal, pastel green, or other bright and vibrant choices. Also, try to focus on spaces or furniture that haven’t seen much improvement in the last decade. Adding a vivid coat of paint to the plain vanity or cabinets in the bathroom gives it a nice new look. This also creates a big impact on your private space that feels refreshing and fun.

2. Nature Green Trend

Staying at home can get exhausting, even when you’re doing nothing strenuous. This is likely because we lost control of our schedules. Another possible reason is that we’re losing touch with nature.

One way to fix this is to add a touch of nature into your home through smart and green interior design. You can do this by adding a space for houseplants in your home, like near the window. Succulents are emerging as the top choice for their easy maintenance.

If you want an interior design project that looks deliberate, try a biophilia design. Create nature-inspired environments that allow natural sunlight into your space. You can also take wooden furniture and place it into a contemporary design.

3. Dark But Well-Lit Kitchens

By tradition, kitchens need to look clean, bright, and spotless. However, this can be tiresome to the eyes, especially if you’ve only been in bright kitchens your whole life. It can also give off the look of getting bleached or sanitized.

If you want to give your kitchen an updated look, make it darker. Paint the cupboards and cabinets in darker colors. You don’t need to go too dark with it.

A dark shade of forest green or mahogany brown is a safe choice. Is your dining/kitchen table already in need of an upgrade? It may be time to find a new dining room table to match the new colors.

This is one of the better home decor ideas for those with kids at home. Dark surfaces will agree better with kids’ habits of making messes and staining things. Note that you still need to maintain good lighting in your kitchen, however.

4. Home Office or Zoom Rooms

Did you know that more people are extending their homes today? Home extensions grew by 52% this year. People are adding workout areas or quiet spaces for their kids to use for their online classes.

You don’t need to extend your home to join this trend. All you need is a spare room or space to set up your home office or Zoom room in. The decor trends aim to create an elegant background for video meetings.

Set up your desk with a large art piece or tall lamp as your backdrop. You can also place a shelf behind you where you can show off some books, decorative toys, or others. The key is to create a non-distracting backdrop that’s suitable for Zoom meetings.

5. Built-in Storage Spaces

Do you dwell in an apartment? Do you have small yet still usable spaces at home that you’d like to take advantage of? Creating built-in storage is one of the older interior design trends, but it’s still a popular one.

It’s a great move for those who live in small spaces. Creating built-in storage is also a great way to make your home look neater. Thanks to the many DIY tutorial videos and guides online, it’s easy to do by yourself, too. Who says you’d always need a man to create a nice-looking interior?

6. Multifunctional Spaces

We’re looking at a future where we’re likely to spend more time at home. That means you’re going to have to create spaces at home for activities often done outside the home. For example, you can find a home-based gym or classroom.

A smart way to transition and adapt to this change is to create multifunctional spaces. Why not make your at-home gym a classroom as well? You’re not going to be working out all the time, after all.

For spaces like this, it’ll help to use bold colors and patterns. You can also keep the space simple and clean-looking with light colors. The important thing is you keep the space open and accessible for the people at home to use for their tasks.

7. Grandmillennial Decor

The last of our interior design ideas involves putting together contemporary and classic decor. The “grand millennial style” looks to bring together past and present. It creates a tasteful mix of a classic look with a contemporary edge.

The great thing about it is that you don’t have limits to how you can create this style. You can keep your flooring traditional with carpets and match your furniture to it. Meanwhile, you keep or add a modern look with crisp lines and simple colors for your wall or shelves.

Keep Your Home Updated to the Times

We hope you enjoyed the guide and got some inspiration from it. We also hope you found a trend that suits your taste and preferences. If you didn’t, remember that you can always personalize the style to match your preferences.

That ends our guide on the current top seven interior design trends. If you want to read more content on interior design, check out our other guides and posts. If you have queries about redecorating your interior, feel free to talk to us.

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