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5 Home Interior Trends to Rock this Year

Home Interior Trends


Remember Edison lightbulbs? So over.

Indigo overloaded interiors? We all went a little overboard.

The funny thing about interior trends is we don't always realize what the trends are

Fortunately, professional guidance can help us decipher what it is that we're looking at, where to go for inspiration, and how to find unique pieces to make our home as fashion forward as our closets.

Here's your guide to Spring and Summer 2017 interior trends:

Color Trends

Color palettes are perhaps the most important jumping off point when talking about home interiors. 

Victoria Redshaw, of the trend-spotting company Scarlet Opus, cited her picks for the latest color trends at a recent Australian design event and recounted the trends of 2016.

"2016 has been a really interesting year in terms of color.  There have been two extremes of color direction. Firstly, rich brights relating in part to the Rio Olympics lush botanical greens, bold bloom pinks, hot red and a catalog of bright and intense blues that connect with the sea and sky. Increased ecological awareness and concern for the environment have also driven a greater interest and acceptance of a broad spectrum of greens." 

Redshaw's words foreshadowed the pick of Pantone's newest color of the year, 2017's "Greenery".

Greenery has been described by the Pantone company as "a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew."

How do we incorporate this 2017 color into our interiors? Easy.

Indoor plants can add a sense of life to our home and help up breathe a little easier in the process.

"At the other extreme, a palette of hushed tones has been popular— muted pinks, soft corals, gray infected lilacs, and quiet grays. These colors relate to a need for our homes to act as a calm sanctuary— a place to escape the fast pace and demands of modern life. It is a palette that focuses on improved wellbeing, creating a sense of soothing relaxation. Of course, Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’ for 2016 was Rose Quartz, and this in itself was the catalyst for a swathe of blogs and media features that increased the awareness and popularity of this color in particular."

You can read more of Redshaw's 2017 forecasting here.

Teal It Like It Is

Not a huge fan of a green palette? Well, teal may be your color. 

Far from the Kermit the Frog undertones of Pantone's newest Color of the Year, this blue-green hybrid feels like a meeting of ocean and rainforest.

Keeping with the eco-friendly concepts of the season, these Recycled Glass Pillar Candleholders are a teal dream.

This House of Hackney Inferno Roomscape provides darker inspirations, with gold and brass accents.

We like to imagine this Antique Gold Leaf coffee table as the perfect match for the rich teal colors of the Inferno collection.

Paradise, Found.

Tropical interior trends seem to fall in line with the lush green colors forecasted by trend setters. The unique part of this trend is the dark backdrop on which these tropical trends lay. 

London interior firm House of Hackney's Limerence Collection speaks to the nature of these dark tropical interiors and can serve as a treasure trove of interior inspiration. 

If you do decide to add indoor plants to your indoor living areas, choosing palms will further accent your tropical decor. Here's a list of palms perfect for the indoors. They won't get too big for the house!

Antique Additions 

Finding antique pieces doesn't have to mean spending years perusing antique stores until finally finding that one of a kind piece that you need. 

eBay and Etsy have made it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Craigslist can be another great resource for finding antiques. Your local Craigslist page is a great place to hunt for deals, although you may often be expected to provide your own means of pickup. Don't be discouraged if you find it more difficult to search, the best deals sometimes require the most digging!

Reupholstering a beautiful antique piece can be the perfect update, just make sure it has 'good bones'. Antique furniture was often made my hand and exudes a quality lost in mass market interior items.

Reupholstering can ensure that the perfect piece also fits perfectly in your home. Before you reupholster, make a definitive decision on the color palette of the room where you intend to keep the piece. That way, your fabric choice can be sure to compliment the colors of your room.

Another perk of reupholstering is being able to select rare fabrics. Finding a perfect color match or a beautifully textured fabric can be the key to creating a room as unique as you are.

Under the Desert Sky

Interior design doesn't have to stop at the threshold! Bring your personal style, as well as S/S 17 desert trends outdoors. Fire pits, outdoor sectionals, and plush throw blankets can open the doors to a world of fun.

The outdoors is a perfect place to incorporate desert trends. Saffron is an excellent color contrast to greens and teals. Orange undertones can make a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor decor.

A tribal inspired rug can set the mood for a desert vibe and low-maintenance potted succulents can add to the outdoor desert decor. 

Want extra credit? Buy American and support Native American artists with the purchase of a Pendleton blanket. These high-quality designs are authentic and pay tribute to the artistry of the Native American people. Our favorite style is from the Roselyn Begay collection. Begay is a Navajo artist and has been a weaver for more than 50 years. 

Rather swapping ghost stories with family or spending quality time with your significant other, there are memories to be made under the stars! So grab your marshmallows and get ready to explore a world of new outdoor possibilities.

Need more? Be sure to check out more articles on Hot 2017 Interior Trends and a guide to trends that you should toss out immediately.

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