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5 Trendy Table Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Room

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Sometimes it seems like our coffee tables are just there. They're a great place to throw your mail, and your shopping bags, and any food plates or cups. However, it's also easy to turn your drab storage center into an enviable trendy table.

We've taken a look at some of the sleekest, most creative designs when it comes to coffee tables, and we've given you five of the best. Read on to find out how to take your table up a notch!


If you're having friends over, why waste time running back and forth to the kitchen? You can turn your coffee table into a mini-bar that's perfect for entertaining! 

This works especially well if you have compartments or cabinets in your coffee table. Store the liquor in there, and keep the glasses and trays as an elegant hint of things to come!

Double up

You already have one coffee table, right? Why do you need another one?

Doubling up on your coffee tables - provided you have enough space - gives you the chance to play with texture and design. 

Even using two of the same table creates angles and drama, which are very appealing and striking to the eye.


If your table is located by a window, it may be the perfect location to plant a small garden!

Not all plants are suitable for this. If you've got a mind to grow herbs or create a miniature farm on your coffee table, your dreams may be a tiny bit too big.

However, succulents and other small plants make great decorations on your table. 

If you have any pets, take care of what plants you choose! Curious pets may be prone to taste-testing your garden, and some plants may be as dangerous to them as they are pretty.

Use a tablecloth

Tablecloths typically go on dining tables. They're used for food, not coffee tables.

Besides, if you've got all that stuff on it, then putting on a tablecloth is probably something of a hassle. However, even though it's a little unconventional, a tablecloth can be a great way to add drama to your table.

For extra boldness or to give you that artsy vibe, steer clear of regular dining tablecloths. Their patterns can be inappropriate for a coffee table.

Instead, look into getting artistic tapestries to drape over your table. You'll add a nice little shock of culture into your living room with very little effort!

Go bold

If you're stumped as to how to make your table trendy, here's a novel idea: make your coffee table the focal point.

It sounds a little crazy, and you definitely need a glamorous table for it to be effective. However, making your table shine like a work of art can provide a nice way to balance your room.

Use your table as a way to draw the eye and focus everything into your living space.

If you're worried your table isn't quite up to par, there's nothing stopping you from DIYing it into a glammed out dream!

The best in trendy table designs

All it takes is a creative eye and a moment of understated genius to turn your coffee table from boring to bold.

A few coordinated decorations and some great colors, and your trendy table will be the statement piece you've always dreamed.

If you have any other ideas how to glitz up your coffee table, feel free to drop us a line!

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